Optimizing your chain at every link

We say efficiency is a continuous pursuit

Take advantage of our global network of warehousing, transportation and technical resources including mathematical modeling, operations research, machine learning, and optimization software to develop the supply chain of your dreams – and budget.

Transparency reveals the benefit

Lineage can reveal and drive out the hidden costs in your supply chain. Inventory levels are optimized, on-time delivery is more reliable and expensive transportation and administrative costs are reduced. Best of all, you reduce the stresses of spending your valuable time on the distractions created by a small percentage of your supply chain volume.


Data-driven insights into an always changing landscape

Transportation and logistics companies are constantly affected by major changes in the industry. New technologies, satellite tracking, safety, government regulations, security, shifting fuel prices, increased globalization and competitiveness in the market all influence how companies operate. Lineage studies these shifts and takes on these challenges so you don’t have to.

Data-based solutions

Our Supply Chain Engineering team will interpret your data using historical trends, future market considerations and supply chain constraints to optimize your end-to-end supply chain - from farm to fork - to increase service and lower total landed cost in an optimal solution.

Consolidation for Trucking Services

Lineage maximizes truck capacity to lower overall transportation costs.

Inventory Re-Distribution

Lineage helps customers optimize location and inventory levels to meet your service needs, on time with exact quantities.

Inventory Control

Calculating optimal safety stock levels and turn volumes, the Supply Chain Engineering team minimizes inventory costs.

“What if” Modeling

Need to know how many warehouse facilities you need and where to put them? Lineage can help you determine an optimal solution.

Data Science

The Supply Chain Engineering team uses a fact-driven, decision-based approach to optimizing supply chain value, while minimizing supply chain costs.


Explore our strategic solutions

Built-to-Suit Warehousing

How can we serve you best? We'll tap into our full range of customized storage and warehousing solutions to drive better results for your business.

Lineage Truck
Managed & On-demand Truckload Solutions

Big needs, small needs and every need in between. Our network combines speed, service and savings to reinvent your transportation experience right from the start.

French Fries
Foodservice Solutions

Enjoy greater oversight and control with solutions designed to simplify your foodservice business.

Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment

Harness the world's largest cold storage network to deliver excellence to your customers.


Blast Freezing

Preserve product integrity and promote food safety using Lineage’s blast freezing services.

Case Picking

Trust Lineage to pick and pack your product safely and efficiently to meet the dynamic needs of your customers.

Full EDI Capabilities

Maximize the efficiency of doing business using Lineage’s advanced computer-to-computer transaction capabilities.

WMS Technology

Your products can move smoothly and efficiently through our facilities by leveraging our differentiated warehouse management systems.

News & Stories
Keep pace with a future-forward partner

When you choose Lineage Logistics solutions, you get strategic outcomes for a world of possibilities.

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