On-site Processing

Faster & fresher.

When you need customized food processing solutions, Lineage is there for you. We know how to design and implement quickly and efficiently, supporting our customers' processing needs within our facility network and streamlining your product’s supply chain.

Delicately preserved.

Your delicate products need to get to the right temperature within the right timeframe so they don’t spoil.  Our expertise in multi-cell blast freezing and individual quick freezing (IQF) get your products to proper temperatures quickly, ensuring both longer shelf life and higher final quality.


Strategic input.

Whether you are planning an expansion or moving into a new market, look to Lineage to assist you with your development plans.  Across our international warehouse network, we help food companies reduce their production costs by hosting them on-site in specially designed areas adjacent to our facilities.


Long-term impacts.

You can count on us to deliver on your plans now, but we will also work tirelessly to provide you with long-term competitive advantage.  Lineage can partner with you to build a smart program that will significantly reduce your startup costs while increasing your capital efficiency and returns.


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Let us help you with

Defrosting / Tempering
Rely on Lineage to increase the temperature of your frozen products with scientific precision, safely ensuring your products reach your customers in the right condition at the right time.
Trust Lineage to assemble your product to specification, streamlining your process and delivering a high-quality outcome for you and your customer.
Use our Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) process to ensure the product that reaches your customer maintains, to the greatest extent possible, its original shape, color, smell and taste.
Produce Ripening
Leverage Lineage’s advanced produce ripening capabilities to bring your product to optimal ripeness in a controlled environment, maximizing quality and reducing the amount of your product lost to waste.
X-Ray Technology
Use our high-tech, non-destructive approach to reduce waste and offer the highest quality for your customers; X-rays can detect contamination, foreign materials and mis-packaging without causing damage to your product.
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