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Introducing Lineage Link: Your access to transformative intelligence.

Lineage Link is a fully integrated platform that provides unprecedented visibility to customers, transforming supply chain interactions through access to real-time intelligence. By partnering with Lineage, you can monitor, move, manage and collaborate across your cold chain unlike ever before.

Creating the platform to support a strategy.

Lineage Link is a pivotal part of our strategic vision to increase efficiency and conserve resources across the cold chain. The platform’s capabilities enable informed decision-making, inventory control and smarter supply chain execution, ultimately reducing waste.


Streamlining your supply chain.

Lineage Link progressively eliminates manual tasks and drives decision-making. You securely access your real-time data and actively collaborate through enhanced capabilities and features like:

       •    Live track and trace
       •    Inventory management by SKU, lot, and pallet
       •    Self-serve appointment selection and confirmation
       •    Access to order and shipment updates for all supply chain partners
       •    Intuitive functionality across platforms and devices

Accessing your data using Lineage Link

Driving decision-making.

A stellar complement to our core services, Lineage Link gives you access to real-time data anytime you need it, anywhere your product is located. Use Lineage Link to: view, monitor and modify product orders; select and control appointments on demand; manage shipments by route and status; and retrieve live reports or key metrics to inform your decision-making.


Connecting you to network members – anytime, anywhere.

With desktop and mobile-enabled capabilities, Lineage Link hands over the controls to the numerous cold chain network members on-the-go. Engage anywhere with any member. Connect with carriers, drivers and customer service teams as you proactively plan inventory, assign tasks, share documents and take time-sensitive action without calling or writing an email.


Viewing, monitoring & managing.

The potential impact Lineage Link can have on your supply chain is limitless – and we’re just getting started. Explore the various capabilities of Lineage Link and contact us today to learn more.