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Impact // Trusted Partner
After the tectonic shifts 2020 brought to the global food supply chain, who would be brave enough to predict what 2021 has in store? As the industry…
January 15, 2021
Press // Business Development // Innovation
Lineage Link®, powered by Turvo, is the temperature-controlled logistics industry’s first technology solution that enables actionable insight and…
January 12, 2021
Press // Acquisitions // Business Development
This industry-first partnership creates a uniquely comprehensive and seamlessly integrated supply chain solution for food and beverage customers.
January 05, 2021
Trusted Partner
As the global leader of the cold chain, Lineage Logistics moves approximately 30% of temperature-controlled food in the U.S. and nearly 10% worldwide…
January 04, 2021
Impact // Growth // Innovation // Trusted Partner // Culture
We did it – we made it through 2020. It was a shocking, uncertain and ever-changing year no one could see coming, marked by a devastating global…
December 31, 2020
By combining generations of institutional knowledge with the forward-thinking solutions we are developing today, Lineage is building a stronger…
December 30, 2020
When you’re a leader, you set clear paths for others to follow. As the largest and most dynamic company in the cold storage and logistics industry,…
December 23, 2020
At Lineage Logistics, everything we do starts with safety. Of the six values that guide our organization, we consciously put SAFE first.
December 16, 2020
At Lineage, we’re committed to providing our customers with the most sophisticated infrastructure and set of resources they need to ensure they can…
December 15, 2020