Re-distribution simplifies.

Your distribution network is driven by customer demand and transportation availability – which means things can get complicated in a hurry. Lineage Re-distribution is the right choice to balance needs, manage resources and keep everybody happy.


The middleman that saves you money.

We know it doesn’t seem right, but it’s true. By adding Lineage Re-distribution to your supply chain, you can consolidate shipments, reduce costs and increase efficiency.  Of course, not every product you move qualifies for redistribution. But three to ten percent of all items typically moving through a food service supply chain do qualify, including slower moving, promotional or seasonal items such as dry or frozen food grade items, janitorial, sanitation and safety items. There are significant savings to be harvested.


We can help you avoid having "too much of a good thing."

Here’s an example that might be familiar: napkins usually have a minimum order that often far exceeds the number actually needed. Without redistribution, less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is required and you need to find a place for all those napkins, adding time, cost and headaches to your supply chain. With Lineage Re-distribution, the napkins are held, ready to ship at the right time and in the right quantity, which increases inventory turns and controls costs. 


Transparency reveals the benefit.

Lineage Redistribution can reveal and drive out the hidden costs in your supply chain.  Inventory levels are optimized, on-time delivery is more reliable and expensive transportation and administrative costs are reduced.  Best of all, you reduce the stresses of spending your valuable time on the distractions created by a small percentage of your supply chain volume.


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Let us help you with

Defrosting / Tempering
Rely on Lineage to increase the temperature of your frozen products with scientific precision, safely ensuring your products reach your customers in the right condition at the right time.
Trust Lineage to assemble your product to specification, streamlining your process and delivering a high-quality outcome for you and your customer.
Use our Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) process to ensure the product that reaches your customer maintains, to the greatest extent possible, its original shape, color, smell and taste.
Produce Ripening
Leverage Lineage’s advanced produce ripening capabilities to bring your product to optimal ripeness in a controlled environment, maximizing quality and reducing the amount of your product lost to waste.
X-Ray Technology
Use our high-tech, non-destructive approach to reduce waste and offer the highest quality for your customers; X-rays can detect contamination, foreign materials and mis-packaging without causing damage to your product.
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