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EVP, Lineage

John Galiher is Lineage’s Executive Vice President. In his role, John supports the company’s organic growth through cutting edge building design—developing build solutions that allow us to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Prior to joining Lineage, John was CEO and founder of Preferred Freezer Services—leveraging his expertise in engineering, construction, sales and management to build the highly successful company from scratch. Before starting Preferred, John also co-founded another cold storage company Condyne Freezers, Inc.

John has been honored as Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Global Aquaculture Alliance. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Southeastern Massachusetts University.


What makes Lineage an exciting place to work?

When you’re at a company with the type of commitment to innovation and aggressive growth like Lineage, you know your day is never going to be dull. Transformation is at the foundation of how we operate, and it makes each day new and interesting. We are building something special here and the cold storage industry will never be the same.


Which of Lineage’s values is most meaningful to you, and why? 

To me personally, Servant Leadership is the most significant of Lineage’s values and the one with the biggest impact on our company culture. In essence, it speaks to the responsibility of leaders to meet the needs of their subordinates and not just the other way around. If we want to drive excellent service to our customers, it is going to take a team from top to bottom that knows their actions matter and that is laser focused on delivering results.

From our Leadership

It’s important to be relentlessly focused on providing excellent customer service every day we’re on the job. But we also need to be sure we never compromise safety—both of our team and our customers’ product.

John Galiher, EVP, Lineage

The Lineage family is close-knit, but there’s no place like home.

Together with my loving wife, Cindi, I am enormously proud to have raised an amazing daughter Briana (13). Cindi and I are proud to both be deeply involved in our community—supporting multiple charitable organizations including UNICEF and the Summit Speech School.