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Partnering with the nation's largest hunger relief organization.

Every day, Lineage works to connect people to food. Now, we’re doing the same with the largest hunger relief organization in the United States—Feeding America. The nonprofit's network works with individuals, charities, businesses and government in the fight to end hunger in the United States—providing essential meals for 1 in 7 Americans.

Feeding America’s network of 200 food banks store and preserve donated food products before they are distributed to more than 60,000 food pantries, meal programs and other agencies across the United States.

Team members working together at Feeding America affiliate food bank

Feeding America helps to provide more than 4 billion meals a year to families within our communities.

Leveraging our network to fight hunger in America.

Together with Feeding America, we have developed a game plan to build a long-term partnership and maximize how we can make a positive impact on both their organization and mission.

Our partnership includes financial contributions and volunteer actions taken by Lineage’s 12,000+ team members, as well as unique opportunities for us to donate the skills and expertise of our team.

Lineage experts in the fields of safety, compliance, engineering and strategy management are also collaborating with Feeding America and its food banks to help improve their operations and advance their mission to end hunger in the United States.

A case study: Helping reduce Feeding America's shipping costs.

Recently, the Lineage Applied Sciences team developed a custom tool to help Feeding America optimize their transportation costs. Feeding America has faced rising trucking costs in recent years—prompting them to ask for our support to optimize how they move food across their network. In particular, they were interested in the viability of intermodal rail transport as a way to reduce their overall transportation costs.

Responding to the problem, the Lineage Applied Sciences Team dug into the data and built out a custom dashboard to help—allowing Feeding America leaders to continuously monitor freight costs along their various shipping lanes and identify the most cost-efficient transportation option for a given shipment.

Map of shipping lanes across the country run by Feeding America by volume

Join the fight to end hunger.

Food insecurity is something that affects every community across the country—it’s closer to home than you might think. Join Lineage and Feeding America in the fight to end hunger today.