Put your career on the fast track.

The global Lineage Management Program (LMP) provides recent college graduates, early career civilian and military talent and high potential internal team members with a one-of-a-kind hands-on training experience in the cold chain across our international network within one of our state of the art facilities. During the 20-week development program, you will be assigned to on-site rotational assignments designed to help you to get to know the company, develop your skills, and execute key projects in a highly supportive environment that will enable you to become fully immersed in the cold chain.

Think you are better suited to a career in Sales? Lineage is proud to offer our Sales Management Program (SMP) opportunity based in North America. The SMP will also run for 20-weeks and helps trainees develop their sales leadership potential through experiences and projects designed to teach you the strategies and skills required to be a successful sales leader supporting the cold chain.

Learn the industry inside and out.

Never thought about going into a career in cold storage? No problem. Through the Lineage Management Program and Sales Management Program’s cross-functional focus and on-the-job developmental training, you gain the experience and know-how to build a lasting future in the world of temperature-controlled logistics. You may know nothing about cold storage today, but you will learn everything you need to know to be successful in our industry over the course of the program.

Develop the skills you need to become a leader.

Ultimately, these program opportunities are intended to take high potential individuals and give them the tools to become high quality leaders. Over four months in one of these immersive programs geared towards your interest in either cold chain operations or sales, you will gain knowledge and hands-on training that will position you to move up quickly. You'll build financial acumen, learn the ins and outs of lean and gain the skills needed to lead a successful team. If you put in the hard work, are ready to step boldly into new roles and embrace challenges, the entire team at Lineage is here to help you succeed.

From our Leadership

Today’s LMP/SMP trainees are the individuals who will lead our company tomorrow. We are 100% committed to helping them develop the skills and experiences they need to build lasting careers at Lineage.

Jeff Rivera, Global Chief Operating Officer

Build a network that will help you reach your goals.

Participants receive direct coaching from facility and regional leaders who are invested in your success and development. You will be able to connect with and learn from leadership across the company—from operations and sales leadership to cross-functional experts and the Lineage executive leadership team. On top of that, you will join a competitive, dynamic group of other LMP and SMP trainees who are going through the same experiences as you.