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We heard the call.

Let’s set the scene. Today’s logistics professionals are overwhelmed by many disparate data sources and processes. As product moves through its extended supply chain, its overall visibility is limited, and the available reporting criteria is often quite narrow. We heard the call loud and clear – our customers want to take control.

In response, Lineage sought to reimagine the customer experience through unprecedented levels of visibility, data and insights to give their customers greater actionable control over their supply chains.

And so, Lineage Link was born.

Lineage Link is designed to help customers make sense of overwhelming amounts of data. The result is an unprecedented level of control in the cold chain.

Lineage Link: Our next-gen customer management platform.

Lineage Link was created to 1) provide an integrated platform that not only provides unprecedented visibility and access to customers; and 2) transform the way Lineage personnel and external stakeholders interact in real-time and share information with all supply chain partners.

Applying “big data” capabilities, Lineage Link optimizes our customers’ entire logistics platform on a dynamic basis from order to delivery. This unprecedented offering now allows Lineage to support virtually any customer need or service.