Warehouse Solutions

We store food.

The backbone and core strength of Lineage Logistics is our network of sophisticated, strategically located cold storage facilities.

Transportation Solutions

We move food.

Whatever the move, whatever the mode, you can rely on Lineage to get your products where they need to be safely, efficiently and on time.

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Value-Added Solutions

We prepare food.

Lineage is your creative, forward-thinking partner in processing your product, packaging your product and even improving your product’s quality.

Handling peppers
Albert Nicholson // Senior Corporate Counsel

This is where team members come first.

Lineage is a company with incredible instincts—and one of its strongest is to protect and empower its team. Employees at all levels of the company understand that the safety and success of each member of the team is absolutely fundamental to our success as a company. Our roles may be different, and we may be spread across the globe, but we come to work every day knowing we’ve got each other’s backs.